Ilustration, one of Subway outlet in Sidney
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Subway, which has undergone name change before, is a fast food chain store restaurant established in 1965 by Fred DeLuca in Bridgecut, Connecticut, USA have thousands of outlets because of its cheaper budget to open a new outlet – compared to its competitors.

This well known brand (especially to sandwich lovers) have existed in Indonesia at the year 1990-2000 – though decided to close its outlets due to low count of customers – and made a comeback in Jabodetabek area at the fourth quarter of 2021 as told by CNBC.

Some of its favorites menu are Chicken Slice, Meatball Marinara, Roast Beef, Steak & Cheese, Subway Melt, and Turkey Breast. As reported by Urban Matter, Turkey Breast is the first favorite menu of Subway. The fun part of Subway is also because customer can choose a variety of bread and sauce for their sandwich, a customized sandwich of your own isn’t that great?

You must be curious though, is Subway halal? Now you can feel at ease, because according to their official site that since 2007 Subway has made their outlets’ opening decision based on population demography that came from various culture and characteristic. Cited Detik, at that time, 185 of 1500 Subway outlets in England has got their halal certification.

Other Subway outlets like the one in Malaysia and Singapore also got their halal certification in late 2018. The certification was issued after Subway made the decision to not use any pork and its derivatives in all their products and change bacon into chicken or turkey. Subway also guarantee that the animal product used in their halal outlets are slaughtered, processed, and served in halal standard.

But keep in mind that not all Subway stores are halal, especially in the outlets where muslim population is not a majority. So when you travel to those places, please do double check and make sure that the Subway stores of your choose is already halal certified.

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